About us

About Us

Founded in 1997, Parada+partners (full registered name: Legal Services Centre) take pride in their reputation.

Our experts support both local and international businesses having commercial interests in Belarus and Russia.

Managers and business owners - the development of schemes of building partnerships, the development of the likely development scenarios for making the right management decisions, legal protection of business against hostile takeovers, legal assistance in the course of regulatory authorities checks.

Chief accountant - will render legal advice and help you understand all the intricacies of tax law, to choose the right strategy of fixed assets and costs, to avoid double taxation, to prepare for tax checks.

Lawyers companies - offer all our practical, unique experience in solving non-standard tasks, solve your doubts, we help identify and minimize risks

Our Goal:

Protecting and adding value to our customers’ businesses.

Our Mission:

Assisting our clients’ growth while continuously growing ourselves.