Bankruptcy and restructuring

What PARADA+partners can do for you:

  • All aspects of bankruptcy proceedings from initial stages until liquidation/settlement.
  • Establishing legal grounds for filing a bankruptcy petition against debtor and analysis of potential implications of initiating these proceedings. Drafting and filing bankruptcy petitions against debtor.
  • Filing petitions to include creditors’ claims into the pool of claims against debtor (“register of creditors’ claims”).
  • Acting for creditors at creditors’ meetings/committees.
  • Providing opinions on whether signs indicative of deliberate bankruptcy are present.
  • Working out settlements in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Advising on unique features of transacting in the course of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Invalidating debtor’s previous transactions to siphon off assets, and recovering property disposed unlawfully.
  • Imposing secondary/vicarious liability onto debtor.
  • Corporate restructuring and corporate governance.
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